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About us

EHMC is a start- up consultancy company established in Lithuania. The vision of the CEO and owner of EHMC, Prof Ekatherina Charvalos is to give expertise and guidance in the field of  undertaken activities or new EU projects and leading cooperative research. 

Our consultants’ multidisciplinary expertise gives our partners (research organizations, universities, startups, SMEs, big industrial companies, local authorities) the added edge and assistance they need with the rapidly growing European innovation and research area.

We support your research and innovation projects throughout a broad range of services:

  • EU Grant application: Horizon Europe, Erasmus+, LIFE, Innowwide, Eureka-Eurostars, EIC
  • Grant application for innovation funding at regional and national level
  • Partnership formation
  • Administrative and financial management
  • Dissemination and communication 
  • Identification of National and European funding opportunities
  • Tailormade funding roadmap
  • Quality and standardization
  • Health and medical applications development
  • Investing in the medical diagnosis sector 


We have a wide range of networks, including partners and references in top-level industries (medical, health, biuotehcnology, life sciences, environment, energy, climate, digital, information and communication technologies) which will help you build on your success.

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